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Trainhaler pMDI Training System to Improve Inhaler Technique

  • Trainhaler pMDI Training System to Improve Inhaler Technique

Product Description

Research shows that 94% of healthcare professionals inhale too fast when demonstrating how to use a standard Pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler (pMDI). Inhaling too fast means that only half the dose reaches the lungs.
\r\nDesigned to facilitate in teaching patients the correct use of inhalers, Clement Clarke's Trainhaler is the first non-electronic pMDI training device to offer flow and co-ordination coaching.
\r\nContaining no medicine, the device mimics the function and sound of a real inhaler and is suitable for multi-patient use when cleaned between uses (with a hygiene wipe).
\r\nUsed in conjunction with the Flo-Tone device (included in pack), the Trainhaler can also offer guidance on inhalation speed and rate.
\r\nSuitable for multi-patient use
\r\nMimics a conventional inhaler
\r\nEffectively trains patients on the correct use of an inhaler
\r\nPack includes 1 x Trainhaler plus 1 x Flo-Tone device

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