Tramex Cmexpert Kit (With Rh & Wood Probe)

  • The complete moisture and humidity meter for flooring incorporating 3 modes of operation.


Product Description

  • Plug the Wood probe into the CMEX for accurate moisture readings in wood.
  • A digital readout version of the Concrete Encounter, it measures moisture in concrete floors and other floor screeds non-destructively


The plug in humidity probe measures relative humidity, temperature, dew-point and mixing ratio. It also allows testing of concrete slabs using the In Situ (ASTM 2170-02) or RH Hood (ASTM 2420-05, BS 5325:2001 & BS 8203:2001) methods. A pocket size non-destructive digital display moisture meter for measuring percentage moisture content in concrete and comparative readings in other floor screeds. The Concrete Encounter CMEXpert is a digital version of the Tramex Concrete Encounter CME4 hand-held electronic impedance moisture meter. It has 4 scales: Concrete, Gypsum, CM Equivalent and a Reference scale. To carry out moisture tests simply brush any dust from a smooth area of concrete and also from electrodes, switch on the CMEX, press it down on the surface to read the percentage moisture content in the concrete slab. There's absolutely no surface damage and no waiting. The Tramex Wood Probe is a hand-held attachment designed to take precise measurements of moisture content in wood and wood products when plugged into the CMEXpert. The Wood Probe is easy to use, extremely accurate, giving readings in 0.1% increments over the entire measurement range. Readings are displayed on digital LCD of the CMEXpert. The Wood Probe offers a most practical and accurate way of ensuring that wood is at the correct moisture level for its intended use, proving to be a vital tool for good quality control of wood floor installations. When plugged into the CMEXpert, the Tramex RH Probe provides the ideal solution for the measurement of Humidity, Temperature and Dew-point in structural materials such as concrete flooring, walls etc as well as the environmental conditions within the building or structure. Humidity readings are displayed in both Percentage Relative Humidity (%RH) and grains/lb or grams/kg. The solid-state capacitive sensor in the RH probe gives accurate, fast results. Allows testing of concrete slabs using the In Situ (ASTM F2170) or RH Hood (ASTM 2420-05, BS 5325:2001 & BS 8203:2001) methods. Basic CMEX Kit contains CMEX Meter, Wood Probe, Relative Humidity Probe and 4 insitu sleeve sets. Available with Optional Slide Hammer Electrode, Infrared Surface Thermometer, and additional insitu sleeves for performing ASTM F2170.

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