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Travel Blue City Bag

  • Extra lightweight, modern design bag. ++travel accessories ++travel essentials

Product Description

Can take umbrella, purse/wallet, glasses, etc.
3 main zipped pockets plus additional inside pockets.
High quality durable material.
2 years guarantee.


Cometform has been established 22 years ago and today is a World Leader in Travel Accessories. Our products are being sold under the Travel Blue brand all over the world. You can find Travel Blue in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America.
We offer around 250 different products, all aimed at travellers either by sea, air or land. The products are accompanied by an extensive selection of Point-of-Sale units that are essential in enhancing sales.
Travel Blue is Green! We avoid using as much as possible plastic packaging which takes 150-200 years to disintegrate. Over 90% of our packaging is made from 70% recycled fibre and printed with Environmentally Friendly Soya based ink. Please join our efforts to protect planet earth!

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