MDSG11756 Paul Lamond Games

Travel Warships

  • Battlings ships fun!
  • Play it anywhere at anytime!
  • For 2 players

Product Description

  • Fun 2 Play Warships is a classic battling ships game that's great fun to play
  • The aim of the game is to try and sink the 5 ships of the opposition
  • If the opponents ship get hit, he must tell his opposition and put a blue peg into the ship where it has been hit and the player who has scored puts a blue peg into the upright board at the position of D7! When the player has sunk all his opponents ships, the game is over and that player is the winner.
  • Play commences with 1 player calling out a letter between A and J and a number from 1 to 10 (for example D7)
  • A high quality small game presented in a handy sized case making it easy to carry
  • This game is ideal for travellers and can be played anywhere, anytime
  • To start, each player places his open game box in front of him so that the opponent cannot see
  • Each player place 5 ships anywhere in the transparent area


- 6 years and up - 2 players

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14 years - 99 years




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