ALCU11522 Tresemme

Tresemme Remoisturizing Conditioner - 500ml

  • Lightly re-moisturises hair
  • Tresemme Remoisturizing Conditioner
  • With Vitamin B5 to restore manageability and aloe for its moisturising qualities.


Product Description

  • Lightly moisturises hair without being heavy or building up
    Formulated to be light enough for every day use, even on fine hair.


1.Apply an adequate amount from mid-lengths to ends first (like you're making a ponytail) on wet, shampooed hair. Depending on your hair thickness and length, you want an amount that fully coats the hair.
2.Work anything that's left through roots and the crown.
3.Run a wide-tooth comb from roots to ends to detangle the hair and fully coat it. This method is the safest way to detangle hair without causing breakage (the conditioner adds a protective barrier).
4.Leave on for 2-3 minutes for the ultimate hydration.
5.Then, rinse thoroughly.


Over 40 years ago, a group of top stylists and salon hair care experts set out with a vision - to bring you the best in ingredients and salon-quality styling. TRESemmé was initially intended to be sold exclusively in top salons across the world. However, we believe every person should have access to these salon innovations. Thus, TRESemmé was born.

World-renowned TRESemmé stylists are still testing and bringing salon innovations into the market, creating savvy products that are available everywhere (and are still used in salons today). Why? We are passionate that your cut should live up to its fullest potential and that everyone should reap the benefits of salon breakthroughs. That's why we have over 40 affordable products that salon stylists count on to address your individual concerns.

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