MDSG11026 Blue Panther

Triarchy Board Game


Product Description

  • Yet, they are not completely in control of their movements
  • Through clever maneuvering of your own tokens and those of your opponents, be the first to reach your home base in the sands of Egypt
  • Since ancient times along the Nile, the Eye, Scarab and Snake vie for positional advantage

  • This is an abstract game of simple rules and greater depth than one might expect at first glance
  • It’s one of the very few abstract games that works equally well with two or three players.

    Custom wooden components produce a unique game board and experience that is a step above the average.
  • But even the best laid plans can be upended when a player rolls a “sandstorm”
  • But beware, sandstorms can literally change your world.

    Each player has 8 tokens and one home base
  • Elements of many classic designs are echoed here, the result is a fresh synthesis of luck, maneuver and skill
  • Players roll 4 tokens and move 4 tokens, including their own and those of their opponents in order to get their tokens home first

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12 years - 99 years




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