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Tribest Fruitstar Vertical Juicer

  • Tribest Fruitstar Vertical Juicer. Designed with convenience and safety in mind the Tribest Fruitstar Vertical Juicer is virtually BPA free, hosts a single vertical auger, and comes with a handle for easy transportation. The powerful 240 watt motor, unlike competitor’s 150W motors, spins at a slow 80 rpm ensuring the preservation of nutrients while still retaining the power to be able to process a variety of fruits and soft vegetables.

Product Description

The Tribest Fruitstar is built for consumers who are looking for:

A juicer primarily for fruits and for some vegetables with added efforts
A cost effective alternative for casual juicers in place of a High Speed Centrifugal Juicer
A slow juicer that is easy to clean and assemble
Whether you are enjoying a tropical mix of mango, pineapple, and strawberry or simply starting your day with a green juice (using mixed vegetables), the Tribest Fruitstar is the perfect solution to getting the most out of the fruits you buy.


Includes a Pulp Strainer for additional pulp elimination from your juice!
All BPA Free Construction on the Housing and Casing and virtually BPA free Ultem Auger
240 Watt Motor, more powerful than many of its competitors (150W)
80 RPMs slow juicing Auger - prevents oxidation and allows juice to be stored without degradation
Heavy Duty Juicing Screen is long lasting and prevents wear and tear
Innovative pulp wiping assembly reduces clogging due to pulp build up on the juicing screen
A convenient hand grip makes Fruitstar easier to use and move around
Safety Switch ensures that unit is only operational when properly assembled
Full 10 Year Warranty

Manufactured by

Tribest Corporation








Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016

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