TRDC10097 Trudeau

Trudeau Red Chilli Mill Red/Clear - 19cm

  • Ceramic grinder designed larger for chili.
  • Trudeau Red Chilli Mill 19cm Red & clear


Product Description

  • Add zest and flavor to your meal.
    Adjustable grind level from fine to coarse.
    Corrosion resistant ceramic grinder.
    Red colored top and base with clear body.
    Larger ceramic grinding mechanism designed for chili flakes.
  • Grinding chili flakes maximizes its flavor

Manufactured by

Trudeau Corporation 1889 Inc.








5 out of 5
By irgwy | Posted on: 27/06/2016

Excellent product - great value

I enjoy growing chillies and often have a large surplus. I dry some of these but they are not that easy to use every day. This grinder is an excellent way of using those dried chillies as an everyday condiment alongside salt and pepper. The grinder is a high quality ceramic mechanism and the fineness of grind can be adjusted. I just coarsely chopped the whole dried chillies and added to the grinder. The product is attractive and well made. Excellent!


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