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U.S. Patent No. 1 Board Game


Product Description

  • All that matters is who gets to the Patent Office first.

    And by first" we mean on opening day
  • Every player is a scientist who has invented time travel, and now everyone is racing to the Patent Office to prove who invented it first
  • You can invent these things on your own, you can buy them, or you can steal them from the other players
  • Patent Number 1 is a racing game
  • You actually have to go back in time, to the day the Patent Office opened!

    During this race you will upgrade your machine with some gadgets, including a power plant, a chassis, a weapon, and a shield
  • Patent 1.

  • Only a machine with all four upgrades qualifies to earn the patent, and you have a limited supply of money and power to spend."
  • Eureka! You've just invented time travel.

    But the awful truth is that you're not alone.

    In fact, scientists have been inventing time travel since 1814.

    But if you have a time machine, it really doesn't matter who invented it first
  • Because nothing suits a time machine like U.S
  • Because you have a time machine, it's not enough to get to the Patent Office fast

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12 years - 99 years




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