BKOO10444 Udderly Smooth

Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream - 118ml

  • 8oz tub Suitable for both Men and Women MTBRoad Developed originally for Cyclists to help prevent chaffing, it is also good for those seeking a thicker moisturiser
  • About Chamois Cream Chamois crème is a must for any cyclist, it improves rider comfort and reduces the chance of saddle soreness
  • Chamois crème and a good pair of shorts are probably the most important item of cycle wear you will buy
  • Exceptional soothing skin and barrier care, Udderly SMOOth provides much needed relief to various skin complaints
  • Can be used on both short and long rides
  • Chamois cream is effective in stopping chaffing of the skin
  • Most will have anti-bacterial ingredients to keep the delicate skin protected and to repair any damage that may occur during a ride
  • About the Udderly Smooth brand Udderly Smooth are the makers of chamois creams, hand crème and body lotion
  • This product includes Shea Butter and is thicker than our other products
  • Highly recommended in both Summer and Winter as the cream acts as a barrier preventing sweat and rain damaging the skin


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