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Ultimate Pre Workout Supplement Lemon Gym Fitness Pump Caffeine Sport 1.14kg

  • This occurs as we deplete our muscle and Liver Glycogen stores during prolonged periods of exercise (Carbohydrates are converted into Glycogen and stored in the muscles and Liver to be used for energy production)
  • This in turn slows or reduces our metabolism, which in turn reduces the rate at which we burn energy (Fat & Glycogen)
  • This can occur even when we consume adequate quantities of Carbohydrate in between training sessions (which is vital), as we generally don't want to eat a meal within a couple of hours prior to our next training session
  • When we burn muscle for energy we lose muscle mass
  • If we do not consume adequate carbohydrates between training sessions the overall result can be that we actually gain fat when we return to our normal diet as we have lost some of the muscle which was burning additional calories
  • The presence of B Vitamins helps the body efficiently metabolise the carbohydrates included in the formula for energy
  • Each HPN Pre workout serving contains 3 grams of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) per serving
  • Beta Alanine has been included in HPN's Pre workout to help delay the onset of lactic acid during intense training sessions
  • This is achieved via HPN's unique quad Carb formula, which is a combination of fast and slow release carbohydrates, designed to help max out you Glycogen stores prior to your training sessions or competitions
  • The period at which the average person becomes heavily catabolic is said to be after around 45 minutes of moderate to intense exercise, even after adequate fuelling
  • The above process can start even earlier if adequate fuelling/refuelling of carbohydrate has not taken place between training sessions
  • B Vitamins: B Vitamins are essential for energy metabolism
  • Magnesium citrate: Magnesium Citrate is crucial for energy metabolism and also aids muscle relaxation
  • This again can improve energy utilisation
  • Resistance training such as Strength & conditioning and even more so weight training places an even higher demand on our Glycogen stores
  • This will not only provide you with the vital energy (Glycogen) that you need for you training session, it can also help prolong the time period prior to your body becoming catabolic due to low muscle and Liver Glycogen stores
  • BCAA's are the first Amino Acids to be oxidised for energy production when Glycogen stores start to deplete (Muscle or Protein is made of Amino Acids)
  • The more muscle we carry on our frames, the faster our metabolism
  • The ironic result is that we burn the very same muscle for energy for which we are attempting to build during the very same training session! Glycogen is our main source of fuel during exercise
  • Hence, we will therefore become increasingly catabolic earlier on in our training sessions
  • Caffeine has been included in HPN's Pre workout to aid energy production and increase mental alertness and focus
  • This is due to the fact that muscle requires fuel or energy
  • Caffeine is also said to reduce our perceived level of exertion during exercise
  • This is due to the balancing effect that they have on another amino acid called Tryptophan
  • Increased Tryptophan can result in increased Serotonin levels in the brain, which in turn can increase fatigue
  • Ultimate Pre Workout Lemon Flavoured By Hyperformance Nutrition HPN No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives Massive 1.14kg Pouch 20 Servings Great for all types of workouts including Weight Training, Circuit Training and Strength and Conditioning Training HPN Pre Workout Benefits: Tests have proven that the body becomes increasingly catabolic during periods of exercise (catabolism is when the body breaks down muscle to use for energy)
  • The aim is to burn the fat as energy, not the muscle which burns the fat
  • As we use muscle and Liver Glycogen to function during our day to day activities we are rarely fully fuelled with Glycogen prior to our training session
  • This in turn means that we will burn more energy or calories due to the additional muscle
  • This process will start earlier on during our training sessions if adequate refuelling has not taken place between training sessions
  • BCAAs are also said to reduce fatigue
  • HPN's Pre workout formulas are designed to “Top Up” your Glycogen stores prior to your training sessions

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  • Ultimate Pre Workout Supplement Lemon Gym Fitness Pump Caffeine Sport 1.14kg

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