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Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook

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  • Sashiko (pronounced shash-ko) means stab stitch and refers to the small running stitch that is worked to build up distinctive decorative patterns, of which there are hundreds
  • Finally a gallery of work by contemporary Japanese textile artists provides extra inspiration
  • She writes and designs for patchwork and needlecraft magazines and recently published her first book 21 Terrific Patchwork Bags
  • The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook: Patterns, Projects and Inspirations
    Sashiko, the traditional Japanese technique of needlework quilting, uses simple running stitch to create beautifully decorative patterns ideal for patchwork, quilting and embroidery
  • The book begins by exploring the origins of the technique to strengthen clothes and to make them warmer
  • Ten project chapters show how easy it is to use sashiko patterns to make beautiful items for the home

  • About the Author: Susan Briscoe teaches Shonai sashiko quilting workshops and has produced bag kits using the technique for Euro Japan Links
  • Susan Briscoe lives in Wrexham, North Wales.
  • Getting Started describes everything you need to begin stitching, including selecting suitable fabrics and threads, marking out patterns on the fabric, as well as the stitching technique itself
  • The sashiko patterns are described in step-by-step detail in the pattern library, showing you exactly how to achieve each individual pattern with ease
  • Her interest in sashiko began when she was teaching English in Japan


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