ULBO10012 Ultrabody

Ultrabody Mixer/Shaker Bottle - 700ml

  • Our unique dual-use sports/mixer bottle allows you to have all the benefits of a standard water/bottle combined with an internal (removable) mixing grille so you're able to use it as a mixer/shaker cup & blend any of your DY supplements to perfection
  • Mixer/Shaker Bottle
  • The slimline 700ml design of the bottle means that unlike most conventional mixer cups it will fit into car drinks holders making it more functional and useable
  • Additionally the curved design of the mixing grille means less mixing time and a smoother product texture.



At Ultrabody our aim is to provide you with a range of what we believe to be the best tasting, most effective and most well researched products all within one brand thus helping you to save time and money

The team at Ultrabody bring forward over 40 years experience in healthy snack manufacturing, health club/gym operations and supplement supply and as such we understand that it's important to place as much emphasis on after-sales support as it is on providing the right range of products so our after-sales service includes innovative marketing campaigns and point-of-sale materials as well as our unique delivery of hands-on support from our team in the areas of training, education, mobile supply and direct sales.

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