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UnBEElievable Daily Defence Immune Support - 30 Capsules

  • Award winning Bee Prepared is an all natural, potent, year round immune support product containing bee propolis, elderberry, olive leaf, and beta glucans.
  • UnBEElievable Daily Defence Immune Support


Product Description

  • Contains generous amounts of mostly extracts so fewer capsules required.
  • Helps support natural defences against colds, flu & viruses


We at UnBEElievable Health are committed to making it easier for busy people to be healthier, naturally. These days we are all concerned about what we put in our bodies. Nutritional supplements are gaining in popularity as more and more people are looking for more natural solutions to maintain optimum health.

We understand that navigating the world of nutritional supplements and natural remedies can be confusing, and learning about them can be time consuming. Oftentimes, several supplements may be considered useful for a particular health issue. It is hard to know which ones may be the best choice.

Under the advisement of a team of nutritional scientists and formulation experts, we research and develop unique targeted combinations of natural-source ingredients.

UnBEElievable’s BEE Prepared immune support, which combines generous amounts of some of the best natural ingredients used to help support the body’s natural defences, means fewer supplements in your cabinet, fewer pills to take and less money to spend.

We use only the highest quality natural-source ingredients in our products, all of which have a history of traditional use in helping support the immune system.

We do not include anything synthetic or unnecessary in our products. We believe in the importance eating a healthy diet, and we don’t put anything extra in BEE Prepared immune support that you would normally get from a balanced diet or a multivitamin. Our range contains some of nature’s most extraordinary and beneficial immune support ingredients, which are not usually found in abundance – if at all – in the average diet.

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