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Vega Winterwise - 10 Sachets

  • A delicious worming hot lemon and blackcurrant drink
  • A health immune system for especially through winter month
  • Contain vitamin C, base propolis, honey, blueberry and zinc
  • Free from gluten and lactose
  • Suitable for vegetarian


Product Description

Vega Winterwise

  • Winterwise harks back to a time when our mothers and grandmothers always had a delicious warming drink containing real honey, lemon, and blackcurrant, on hand to warm us through the winter months
  • With additional ingredients such as vitamin C, elderberry, bee propolis, beta glucans and zinc to help support the immune system, Winterwise offers a natural alternative to other hot drinks frequently used throughout the winter


Nutrient: Average per sachet % RDA Vitamin C 1500mg 1875 ZInc 5mg 50 Bee Propolis 100mg - Beta (1,3 &1,6) Glucans 70mg - Honey 250mg - Blackcurrant fruit powder (Equivalent to 4000mg Blackcurrant fruit) 1000mg - Elderberry Fruit Powder (Equivalent to 2000mg Elderberry Fruit) 500mg - (*RDA) - Recommended Daily Allowance (-) No RDA Established


Adults and children over 12: Empty contents of sachet into a cup and add hot water to dissolve. Repeat every four hours if necessary. Children 4 to 12: Empty half a sachet into a cup and add hot water to dissolve. Repeat every six hours if necessary. Suitable for: Vegetarian diets

About Brand

Established nearly 20 years ago, the Vega brand has consistently strived to provide nutritional products of the highest possible quality, designed specifically to suit the supplementation needs of every individual. Owned and managed by qualified scientists, nutritionists and health carers, the foundation of Vega is built upon the transformation of the most up to date scientific information into products which are effective, practical to use, and which provide real health benefits. Over the years, the brand has evolved from the core Vega portfolio, to include speciality product ranges which bring a new dimension to effective nutritional supplementation. An example of the ProVen Probiotic range which is the most studied probiotic in the U.K market, and where the Lab4 probiotic mixture developed by Vega has become a leading global probiotic brand. With over 150 people working within the Vega group of companies, our aspiration is to continue our investment and commitment to research and development to maintain the position of Vega as the brand of supplements which enable truly optimal nutritional intake to be achieved for all individuals.

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