ISLS17105 Vent-Axia

Vent Axia Ductable Passive Heat Exchanger - Hr500Dp

  • A 'stand alone' Heat Exchange Unit which will transfer up to 70% of the outgoing heat to incoming air.


Product Description

  • Module accessible for routine cleaning
  • Ideal for schools, pubs, offices and leisure industries
  • Installation The HEU unit should be installed with a slope towards the drain fitting of approximately 3 degrees
  • Sound Levels: As per specified in-line fan unit Mains electrical supply: As per specified in-line fan unit Power Consumption: As per specified in-line fan unit PerformanceWARNING: Both airflows to be subjected to the same conditions
  • Fan Options Fan Options ACP ACM ACQ Typical Specifications Performance: m³/h l/s Max ventilation rate 1000 278 Efficiency: The unit should retain up to 70% of the temperature differential of out going air
  • Ideal for use in air conditioned environments
  • negative or positive pressure) DimensionsWeight: 10kg
  • Heat exchanger: Should be of a multi plate cross-flow type constructed out of a polymeric plastic with ultra sonic welded joints
  • (ie
  • The heat exchanger works at the same high efficiency,automatically keeping a cool room cool
  • Polymeric construction with spigots to suit 200, 250 and 315mm Ø flexible ductwork
  • The unit cannot be handed
  • Performance of the Heat Exchange Unit: At 180 l/s achieves 70% temperature efficiency (balanced airflow)
  • Ducting spigots: The unit should provide 315, 250 and 200 mm Ø spigots for duct connections
  • Condensate outlet provided
  • Fan: As a passive device the unit shall require 2-N° additional remote in-line fans.These should typically be Vent-Axia centrifugal type fans
  • Filter: Not fitted
  • Condensation: The outlet provided should be 22mm Ø located on the lower side of the unit
  • Construction: The unit outer case should be a rigid HIPs moulding configured so as to make the unit telescopic
  • The external grille and the spigot plate should be a cream coloured ABS moulding

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