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Ventaxia Va100Svl12 Bathroom (258110)


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VENTAXIA VA100SVL12 BATHROOM (258110) IPX7. rated fan with running light, complete with remote wall mounted transformer. No: VEN258110 The World's first SELV fan providing extra safety and peace of mind in domestic shower and bathrooms. The VA100 SELV12 from Vent-Axia is a 100mm axial extract fan which can be safely installed over or within reach of a bath or shower in bathrooms and WC's. A range of fans with optional shutter, timer and humidity controlled versions to match application requirements precisely. The VA100 SELV12 meets the Building Regulation requirements of 15 l/s for bathrooms and WC's. Designed in a clean white finish and suitable for ambient temperatures up to +40°C the unit is fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.). Safety Extra Low Voltage Fan (SELV) Designed for areas where a fan has to be fitted over or within zone 1 in a room containing a fixed bath or shower according to IEE wiring regulations (BS 7671), the VA100 SELV fan can be safely installed within the spray area. The fan is rated IPX7. Control is by mains safety isolating IP44 transformer unit with SELV output, which is sited away from any source of spray and out of reach of a person using a fixed bath or shower. Vent-Axia SELV units have been independently tested in accordance with UK and European Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) and product requirements, and have as a result been granted BEAB approval based on CENELEC harmonised standards. Models Panel Model For discharging into ventilation shafts. It can also be used with up to 3 metres of rigid ducting. Performance 75m3/h, FID sound level 31dB(A). Window Model The VA100 window kit is designed to fit VA100 units in windows and fixing surfaces up to 40mm thick. The four spacers supplied are placed on the inside of the glass to give minimum exterior projection. Wall Model The VA100 wall kit is a rigid telescopic wall sleeve for wall thicknesses from 255-360mm thick plus an outside grille set. For thinner walls the sleeves can be cut to fit. * Where a VA100SV12 fan is installed directly in the splash area, we recommend VA100SVL12 or VA100SVX12 with an Ecotronic 12V Humidistat mounted outside the splash area to avoid saturation of the sensor. Range Product Specification Best Practice Sensors and auto mode controllers save energy by only switching the ventilation units on when needed and when the room is occupied. To meet IEE Regulations timer models should be isolated using a 3 pole isolator. TypeStock Ref. No.Window KitWhite Grille Wall KitBrown Grille Wall Kit VA100SVL12 25 81 10B 25 41 01 25 41 02 25 41 00 VA100SVX12 25 83 10C 25 41 01 25 41 02 25 41 00 VA100SVXT12 25 84 10C 25 41 01 25 41 02 25 41 00 VA100SVLH12 25 81 12C 25 41 01 25 41 02 25 41 00 VA100SVXH12 25 83 12D 25 41 01 25 41 02 25 41 00 VA100SVXHT12 25 85 12 25 41 01 25 41 02 25 41 00 TypeStock Ref. No.m³/hl/sWattsdB(A) @ 3mShutter VA100SVL12 25 81 10B 75 21 16 36 VA100SVX12 25 83 10C 75 21 18 36 Thermo VA100SVXT12 25 84 10C 75 21 20 36 Thermo VA100SVLHP12 25 81 12C 75 21 18 36 VA100SVXP12 25 83 12D 75 21 20 36 Thermo VA100SVXHP12 25 85 12 75 21 18 36 Thermo Typical Range Specifications Supply and install a VA100 SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) axial fan suitable for mounting in panels, walls or windows, with a thermally operated backdraught switch (SVL, SVXT, SVXH models), removable grille and fan running light as supplied by: Vent-Axia, Fleming Way Crawley West Sussex RH10 9YX Telephone: 01293 526062. When installed the fan should comply with the 16th Edition of IEE Regulations (BS7671, 2001) and on site guide for safety extra low voltage (SELV) operation. The transformer should be safety isolating to BS EN 60742. The fan should be rated to IPX7. The fan and controller should be BEAB approved. The fan performance should meet the Building Regulation (Document F) requirements at 15 litres a second for bathrooms, and 6 l/s for toilets (15 minute timer overrun model for internal WC's). The motor should be manufactured with self aligning sleeve bearings and be fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.). The motor should be insulated to Class B and designed to operate on SELV 12v/1/50Hz. Operation VA100 SVX via light switch VA100 SVL via light switch VA100 SVXT via light switch with timer overrun facility VA100 SVXH via integral humidity sensor/transformer pullcord override VA100 SVLH* via integral humidity sensor/transformer pullcord override


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