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Venture Forth Board Game


Product Description

  • Achieving an ambition allows the player to convert that adventurer's will" into points and to possibly level him up
  • The more "despair" you receive the hard it is to score well

    The game board is double sided for replayability
  • Adventurers can be hired and Enemies are slaying if you have enough power in you party or you pay thier toll to bypass them.
  • A combination of resource management, path planning, and timing will help you along the way.

    Victory Points are used to score in this game, not dice rolls or damage or even the killing of monsters
  • All ambitions require the player to venture forth, which means moving his party from one site to another along a path
  • Once a path is completely filled in, any player can choose to venture forth down it and encounter each card one by one, recruiting adventurers, defeating enemies, and possibly gaining treasure along the way
  • One of the main actions in the game is playing an enemy or adventurer card to these path spaces
  • Placing cards on the board gain you resources
  • The more you trigger your adventurers life goals the more VP you get
  • This also completes paths that you can use to Venture Forth between the temples.

    Cards are played onto the board and then when you Venture Forth you encounter them
  • In Venture Forth, players have a party of adventurers who each have their own personal ambition

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