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Victor K-Tape - Black

  • The adhesive wave pattern on the tape is accurate to a fraction of a millimeter for the very best results, and it will last for up to 7 days and beyond, even after showering and bathing.Victor K Kinesiology tape is our premium quality Kinesiology tape that has been developed for physios and serious athletes so you can be assured that it will not let you down
  • It has no frills, no gimmicks, just down to business with a simple grid pattern on the tape backing to use as cutting guides.This wave pattern in the adhesive, combined with a unidirectional elasticity, manipulates the skin and muscles to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the injured area
  • THE PRO'S SECRET WEAPONKinesiology tape is a popular and effective way of improving healing of an injury, and improving athletic performance.Developed in Australia, Victor K kinesiology tape has been designed to have optimum elasticity to mimic skin and muscles, with superior sticking power to enhance its effects
  • This reduces swelling, promotes healing and provides pain relief
  • The 100% cotton material provides a warming effect which further enhances its effects.Depending on the method of application, Victor K Kinesiology tape can also provide support to a joint, or correct misalignment which reduces the risk of injury and improves performance.The tape will stay applied for up to 7 days in both wet and dry conditions (even in the shower), providing continuous treatment.


Product Description

  • Premium kinesiology tape
    Reduces swelling
    Promotes healing
    Improves bio-mechanics

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