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Victorinox Bike Tool Kit Magnetic Bit Case With 11 tools - Black

  • Victorinox Bike Tool Kit Magnetic Bit Case With 11 tools - Black
  • Victorinox introduces a small, lightweight, handy and robust all-purpose tool for bike lovers which is licensed by Victorinox and produced by a Swiss specialty supplier
  • The high quality Biketool is the perfect accessory for bike enthusiasts


Product Description

  • Victorinox Bike Tool Kit Magnetic Bit Case With 11 tools - Black
  • It weighs only 98 grams making it barely noticeable
  • The rounded edges protect against injuries from falls
  • Its shape fits perfectly in any bag and serves as a good companion and assistant to its owner

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  • Magnetic bitcase
  • Overall length 100mm
  • 11 Functions
  • Bitwrench
  • Bit Hex 5
  • Bit Slotted 3
  • Bit Phillips 2
  • Bit Torx 25
  • Bit Hex 2
  • Bit Hex 2.5
  • Bit Hex 3
  • Bit Hex 4
  • Bit Hex 6
  • Tyre iron

About Brand

The 125 year history of Victorinox is characterized by perseverance and continual growth. Typical Swiss characteristic set the tone for the corporation's development. In 1884, the cutler and entrepreneur Karl Elsener opened a cutler’s business in Ibach-Schwyz, which is in Central Switzerland. In the course of its 125-year history, it developed into a global company. Victorinox was founded at a time when Switzerland was still one of the poorer countries in Europe. Around 1880, many Swiss were unemployed and felt they had no option but to emigrate. In spite of these difficult economic conditions, the cutler Karl Elsener took the initiative and laid the foundations for a thriving company by opening his cutler’s business. The company founder’s pioneering spirit, honesty and deep roots in the region have accompanied the history of the Victorinox company over the last 125 years and live on in its philosophy and products. Continuity also characterizes the organization: since its founding in 1884, Victorinox has remained a family company and it has stayed independent to this day. The Elsener family, who founded the company, owns 10 percent of the shares. The other 90 percent are owned by Victorinox’s foundations. This model will secure the company’s future and provide job security in the long term.

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