UKOS10485 Victorinox

Victorinox Farmer Alox Swiss Army Knife - Silver

  • The Victorinox Farmer knife from the Pioneer Range
  • Inspired by the classic soldier's knife, this sturdy knife combines lots of useful functions in a durable fluted Alox handle, incuding a wood saw and a reamer


Product Description

  • - Large blade
  • - Size: 93 x 22 x 14 mm
  • - Reamer
  • - Can opener with small screwdriver
  • - bottle opener with screwdriver and wire stripper
  • - Wood Saw
  • - Key ring
  • - Ribbed alox handles
  • - Genuine VICTORINOX Swiss product. Supplied new and boxed


"This is a great knife for everyday carry and will cause no problems with the police, certainly in the UK. It's well designed, well constructed & plenty strong for its intended purpose, i.e. urban or light-field tasks. At 85g it's not a burden. There aren't many tools but this has the essentials and the only other thing I'd like is a phillips-head screw driver. I don't value the scissors or corkscrew and I don't miss them not being present. Overall, this is a very pleasing item both to use, and to own. It would be even better with a pocket clip but with a split-ring, mini-carabiner and piece of cord you can suspend it from your belt and that works fine. Highly recommended" - clive369, UK. "This is the best pocket outdoor knife i ever had. I used to take the Hiker with me for outdoor use until i got this one for my birthday in summer and it was the best gift ever. The saw and the blade are bigger than on the Hiker, but this knife is still UK carry legal. The springs and tools are very strong and the whole knife is way more durable than knives with plastic scales. Since there is no toothpick or tweezers on it i also carry an SD Classic on my keys to compensate for it. The woodsaw does a great cutting job and so does the blade and the blade is thicker, bit bigger, taller and stronger than on standard 91mm range knives. I use the keyring for a lanyard that i attach to my belt loop so i don't loose the knife. Reamer is great for drilling holes in wood, flat screwdriver can do some bigger prying jobs and the can opener does a fantastic job too. This is not just a pocket knife, it really can do a lot even as an emergency survival knife! If i would get lost in woods with only this knife in my pocket, i am certain it would save my life. This knife feels indestructible, can really survive falls and it doesn't need much maintenance, its just a bit heavier than the Hiker or Camper knives, but still very compact. Price is very affordable and you really get a knife that is a top quality Swiss craftsmanship with excellent functionality not just for outdoors, this is a very good EDC too. A genius design, not easy to get in shops you have to look online for it. Should be renamed from Farmer to Survivor. I only wish it would be available in more colors" - SirBlack, UK

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