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    • Transparent, 3–D plastic shapes get an update—bold, bright colors! This selection of common geometric shapes offers a concrete way to explore geometry, volume and other measurement concepts.
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  • - Allows students to relate 2–D shapes to 3–D solids by examining and comparing the removable bases
    - Includes large triangular pyramid, square pyramid, hemisphere, sphere, cone, pentagonal prism, small cube, large cube, rectangular prism, triangular prism and cylinder
    - Fills with liquid or dry–fill for studies of volume, and cleans easily
    - Cleans easily
    - Durable plastic shapes measure 3 cm or 6 cm
    - Activity Guide includes formulas and intervention strategies
    - Grades 3+
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Customer Reviews of View-Thru Colourful Geometric Shapes

  • ByDyslexia Tutor | Posted on: 26/06/2012
  • Recommended
  • Shapes were much larger than I had hoped - up to 3 inches square - but are sturdily constructed and their translucency and colour appeals greatly to the kids I tutor. A lot of thought has gone into the design of these 3D shapes. I look forward to using them for volumes work. The plugs for the holes in the detachable sides are easily removable but are in some cases too loose (I envisage losses). Overall, a good product, well designed and reasonably priced.
  • ByAngela | Posted on: 18/01/2012
  • Useful product
  • Pity this item is a bit fragile. A couple of shapes have needed their sides gluing back on. But other than this a good item, colourful and a useful size. Good for understanding geometric maths facts.
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