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Vitabiotics Jointace Rose Hip & MSM - 30 Tablets

  • Jointace tablets contain a unique combination of 12 nutrients which help provide a comprehensive solution for joint health, combining the commonly used joint maintaining ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin along with Rose Hip, MSM, and ginger extracts for additional joint support.
  • Vitabiotics Jointace® Rose Hip & MSM tablets are specially designed to help maintain joint mobility


Product Description

  • MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane) is a naturally occurring nutritional component which research indicates can help support connective tissue and joint mobility
  • Jointace tablets contain a unique combination of 12 nutrients which help provide a comprehensive solution for joint health, combining the commonly used joint maintaining ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin along with Rose Hip, MSM, and ginger extracts for additional joint support.

    Rose Hip & MSM for additional joint support
    Rose Hip contains many valuable biochemical compounds including antioxidant flavanoids to help support the flexibility and mobility of joints
  • More than just Glucosamine sulphate
    The combination represents a major advance in supplements designed to help sports people and maintain joint health, and gives unbeatable value by providing more than just glucosamine sulphate alone
  • With vitamins & trace minerals
    Vitamin E helps to neutralise free radicals to protect joints and cartilage whilst, Vitamin D3 and Zinc help to maintain strong bones.

    Based on latest research
    Jointace® Rose Hip & MSM tablets have been formulated using scientific research and are produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards of quality control
  • MSM is a popular ingredient in supplements designed to support joint care
  • Glucosamine sulphate is of course an important nutrient for the maintenance of joint health, as the body's ability to manufacture it naturally appears to decline with age
  • USP Purity Standard - The Glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate used in Jointace® conform to USP ( United States Pharmacopeia) purity standards
  • Chondroitin for cartilage support
    Chondroitin is also included in the formulation, as it works synergistically with glucosamine to help renew and repair cartilage, and maintain the lubricating properties of fluids around the joints
  • The formulation is 100% drug free and can be taken alongside anti-inflammatory drugs and NSAIDs
    (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) if desired.
  • But while glucosamine sulphate plays an effective role in the production of collagen, the natural cushion in cartilage, it is only one factor in joint health


Jointace® Rose Hip & MSM contain the following active ingredients per 2 tablets: Glucosamine Sulphate (1000 mg); MSM (500 mg); Rose Hip Extract (100 mg); Chondroitin Sulphate (100 mg); Vitamin D3 (10 mcg); Folic Acid (400 mcg); Vitamin B12 (20 mcg); Zinc (10 mg); Selenium (120 mcg); Copper (1000 mcg); Manganese (4 mg); Ginger Root Extract (80 mg).

Jointace® with Rose Hip, MSM, glucosamine & chondroitin tablets are free from artificial colourings, gluten, preservatives and yeast. Jointace® Rose Hip and MSM tablets are not tested on animals.

Jointace® does not contain any drugs or hormones and is produced in accordance with high pharmaceutical standards of quality control, beyond those normally required for food supplements.

The Glucosamine used in all Jointace® products is sourced from natural chitin and free from bovine material.


- Do not take if you are allergic to shellfish.
- Diabetics should consult their doctor before using this product.
- Do not exceed the recommended intake.

Nutrition Information

Nutritional Information Average Per Dosage / %EC RDA :

Glucosamine Sulphate 1000 mg / --
MSM 500 mg / --
Rose Hip Extract 100 mg / --
Chondroitin Sulphate 100 mg / --
Vitamin D3 10 ug / 200
Folic Acid 400 ug / 200
Vitamin B12 20 ug / 2000
Zinc 10 mg / 67
Selenium 120 ug / --
Copper 1000 ug / --
Manganese 4 mg / --
Ginger Root Extract 80 mg / --

mg - milligram, Ug - microgram, RDA - Recommended Daily Allowance (EC)


Two tablets per day are recommended with or immediately after your main meal, with a full glass of water or a cold drink. Jointace® Rose Hip & MSM tablets should not be chewed. Taking the tablets with a large meal maximises the absorption of the nutrients and can reduce nausea, which is sometimes experienced if multivitamins are taken on an empty stomach. Always ensure that Jointace® Rose Hip & MSM tablets are taken with plenty of liquid to wash the tablets down, and not tea or coffee, as this may cause the tablets to disintegrate too early.

Results vary amongst individuals, but in most cases, we would expect the beneficial effects of the nutrients and bioactive elements in Jointace® Rose Hip & MSM tablets to build over one to three months. There is no maximum length of time over which Jointace® Rose Hip & MSM tablets may be used. A regular intake is recommended.


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