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Vitabiotics Wellkid Calcium Liquid - 150ml

  • Wellkid® Calcium Liquid provides a rich source of calcium and co-factors including magnesium and vitamin D, in a smooth, great tasting liquid that kids will love.
  • Vitabiotics Wellkid Calcium Liquid


Product Description

  • A measuring spoon is included in the pack.

    Children's growth and development

    Wellkid® Calcium Liquid provides 7µg of vitamin D, the level recommended by the UK Department of Health
  • Great tasting liquid

    With a delicious orange taste, Wellkid® Calcium Liquid is suitable for children aged 4-12 years, providing an easy way to help safeguard their vital intake of calcium
  • Peak bone mass, obtained during childhood and adolescent growth is known to be of major importance in maintaining bones later in life.

    Balanced calcium with magnesium

    Wellkid® Calcium Liquid carefully combines calcium with other mineral co-factors including zinc, magnesium and copper.

    Dairy and fat free

    Wellkid® Calcium Liquid does not contain any dairy products and is 100% fat free
  • It is scientifically proven that calcium and vitamin D are needed for normal growth and development of bone in children.

    Evidence suggests that healthy practices early in life, including the adequate consumption of calcium and trace elements, contribute to normal bone health and optimal bone mineralisation
  • It is ideal for those children using soya milk who may need to supplement their diet with calcium and magnesium.

Nutrition Information

The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) recommends the following guidelines for calcium intake

Age Suggested daily calcium intake
1-3 years 350 mg
4-6 years 450 mg
7-10 years 550 mg
11-18 years boys/girls 1000 / 800 mg
19+ years 700 mg
Pregnant woman 700 mg
Breastfeeding woman 700 + 550 mg
Based on the Department of Health Committee on the Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition policy 1998

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