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Vtech Little Love Baby Talk Interactive Doll


Product Description

  • This doll offers the perfect way to introduce your little one to nurturing role play
  • Young infants listen longer to the sound of human voice and seem to prefer it to any other sound
  • Imaginative play has links to what psychologists call “social pretend play”
  • Children who use their imagination when playing with other children are increasing their social competence and their understanding of other people
  • They are especially aware of the sound of language and like to be spoken to slowly and with a high pitch
  • Role play enhances many cognitive abilities such as sustained attention, memory, language and literacy skills, and helps children to understand and manage their emotions

  • The more your little one talks to Baby the more words and phrases she will learn and repeat
  • The grasping, at first, is quite clumsy but through repetition, and across time, infants become adept at grasping and develop fine motor skills
  • There are social skills involved in language acquisition such as realising that it is necessary to wait until the other person has finished speaking
  • Little Love nurtures these skills, developing imagination and encourages cooperation, listening and turn-taking.

    Box Dimensions: 35 x 33 x 10 cms

    Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 2 years and over.
  • Nursery school children who spend more time in socio-dramatic role playing are also perceived as more socially competent by their teachers
  • Role play is generally a social activity but some children can engage in solitary role play where they create imaginary companions
  • Comes complete with a cute cuddly outfit, dummy and feeding bottle, and includes over 80 adorable baby phrases and real-life sound effects like drinking and giggling.

    Even very early in life babies can hear a wide variety of sounds
  • This is sometimes referred to as “infant directed speech” or even “baby talk”
  • The more young children are exposed to language the faster they will begin to pick up it up
  • Use the three colourful baby books to teach her to read, and listen to her as she coos and sings along to nursery rhymes
  • Little Love encourages the development of these fine motor skill with your child.

    Research has shown that during social pretend play, young children's interactions last longer, are more engaging and also more cooperative
  • Infants will turn towards the sound of a toy and begin to reach towards it
  • Little Love offers over 80 fun and interesting sounds and phrases to stimulate your child's auditory senses.

    Children's imagination is active from an early age
  • They are predisposed to pick up the sounds of the language that they hear around them
  • Little Love Introduces alphabet, letter sounds and vocabulary, assisting this development.

    As children develop they become more adept at grasping objects
  • It helps them to begin to understand that other children think differently to them and have different ideas.

    Imaginative and social pretend play is beneficial for children as it allows them to explore different ways of viewing the world
  • After the first year, infants adopt the 'pincer grasp' where they use their thumb and index finger to grasp even very tiny objects
  • Young children in nursery benefit from engaging in imaginative play
  • Little Love offers the chance explore imaginative play through interaction with various characters.

    Babies start to babble at an early age and this can be seen as the first signs of language

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