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Wassen Serenoa-C Especially For Men - 90 Tablets

  • Serenoa-c is a unique one-a-day nutritional supplement specially for men of all ages but particularly those aged over 40
  • Retailing quality foods, vitamins, minerals and health supplements from trusted manufacturers
  • Minerals and vitamin e which may help to maintain a healthy functioning of the prostate
  • We believe that healthy eating should form the basis of good nutrition

Product Description

It contains a combination of six vitamins, six minerals and an extract of the saw palmetto palm berry (Serenoa repens). Research has indicated that this herb may be helpful in maintaining prostate health.

Nutrition Information

One tablet provides %RDA USL
Vitamin D (100i.u.) 2.5µg 50 10µg
Vitamin E 10mg 100 800mg
Vitamin C 30mg 50 2000mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 5mg 357 100mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 5mg 313 200mg
Vitamin B6 5mg 250 200mg
Magnesium 175mg 58 350mg
Zinc 5mg 33 15mg
Manganese 2mg - 15mg
Copper 0.5mg - 5mg
Selenium 25µg - 200µg
Chromium 25µg - 200µg
also provides
Serenoa repens extract 160mg

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance mg = milligram µg = microgram USL = Upper safe level for daily supplementation as recommended by the Health Food Manufacturer’s Association (2003).


We recommend that Serenoa-C is taken with food. The best time would be either with breakfast or at lunchtime. The B-vitamins may have a stimulating effect as they are involved in energy production and in sensitive individuals this may affect sleep.


Wassen International has researched and introduced many new problem solving nutritional supplements over the last thirty years. The portfolio of products contains a thoughtfully formulated range, containing research proven ingredients, to meet the needs of today.

In theory, a varied well-balanced diet should provide all the daily nutrients necessary for good health but, in reality, this is often not the case. The fast paced world in which we live and work continues to take its toll. Food sourcing and farming methods affect the vital intake of minerals. For example, the amount of selenium, an essential trace mineral, in the UK diet is half what it was 30 years ago. Additionally the effects of pollution and an increasing reliance on convenience foods, can affect the daily intake of vital nutrients. Regular supplementation with vitamins and minerals can help to maintain essential nutrient levels within the body.

Research remains the cornerstone for all Wassen supplements. Nutrition is a comparatively new science and new studies continue to build on the understanding of the way in which nutrients, or lack of them, play a role in our lives. Relying on sound scientific studies to provide the guidance for ingredients, the products contain synergistic combinations of nutrients that help consumers address their health concerns. The company is constantly seeking to develop new innovative supplements.


- What exactly is Serenoa-C and why should I take this product?
Serenoa-C is a product specially designed for men over the age of 40. This product provides magnesium with other vitamins and minerals and the addition of an extract of Serenoa repens (Saw palmetto).

It would appear that magnesium and vitamin B6 have a special relationship. One study showed that by simply taking vitamin B6 on its own, red blood cell and plasma magnesium levels were increased. Each Serenoa-C tablet provides 175 mg of magnesium and 5 mg of vitamin B6.

According to UK government surveys it would appear that magnesium is generally in low supply in the diet. This may in part be due a lower consumption of whole grain cereals. Magnesium plays a key role in healthy cardiovascular function, energy production and nerve function. This mineral is used up faster by the body when mental and physical demands are high.

Serenoa-C also contains extract from the Serenoa repens berry, which may well have a beneficial part to play in the maintenance of prostate health.

- What is the fatty acid content of the Serenoa repens extract contained in Serenoa-C?
The Serenoa repens herbal extract consists of 25% fatty acids.

- I have an enlarged prostate, can I take Serenoa-C?
Those who suffer from a medical condition should check with their doctor prior to taking any food or herbal supplements to make sure they are suitable to be taken with any medication that may already have been prescribed.

Of course those who notice the symptoms often associated with an enlarged prostate should always consult their GP for a check-up before taking any food or herbal supplements, to get a proper diagnosis.

We have received a number of testimonials from satisfied customers reporting the benefit they feel to have noted when taking Serenoa-C. These include a reduced need for night time visits to the toilet.

- Is the Serenoa repens (Saw palmetto) content high enough to be of benefit?
The level of Serenoa repens reflects maintenance dose levels. It would be acceptable though to increase the dose of the herbal extract if so desired. We would advise that this should be done in conjunction with a trained medical herbalist.

- What is Serenoa repens?
Serenoa repens (Saw palmetto) grows in the southern parts of North America. The berries were originally used by the native American Indians to enhance the appetite and nourish the body. They also used it for the nutritional support of the genito-urinary tract. It has since been discovered that this herb may have special importance for males. Serenoa repens was included in the US Pharmacopoeia until 1916 and National Formulary until 1950.

Research indicates that Serenoa repens affects the metabolism of testosterone in the body. It appears to reduce the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which is the hormone linked to the enlargement of the prostate and also seems to inhibit the ability of dihydrotestosterone to attach to the prostate.

Will Serenoa repens improve my libido?
- It would appear that the function of Serenoa repens is more linked to maintaining prostate health rather than an improvement of libido.

Will Serenoa repens improve my impotence?
- We do not have any research indicating a role for Serenoa repens in connection with impotence, but some herbalists consider it to act as an aphrodisiac.

- Does Serenoa-C contain enough zinc, I read that this mineral is important for male sexual health.
Prostate tissue has naturally a high zinc concentration. It would appear that a sufficient dietary intake of zinc is very important for prostate health as well as sperm health.

Serenoa repens provides 5 - 10 mg of zinc, depending on the number of tablets taken on a daily basis. This level should be sufficient for daily maintenance doses. It is recommended that the long-term daily intake dosage of zinc from all supplement sources should not exceed 15 mg, unless under professional supervision. However, it is believed that in the short-term up to 50 mg of this mineral may be taken on a daily basis.

- How long do I have to take Serenoa-C before I may notice an improvement?
It may take 4-8 weeks before a benefit is noted with food supplements in general. This also applies to Serenoa-C.

- How long can I take Serenoa-C?
Serenoa-C has been formulated for long-term use, provided the dosage instructions are adhered to.

- Can women take Serenoa-C?
Whilst recent research indicates Serenoa repens to be particularly helpful for men, it may also be taken by women. Although those on hormonal preparation would be better advised to opt for our Magnesium-OK or Confiance products.

We always recommend that those suffering from a medical condition or on medication check with their doctor prior to taking any food or herbal supplements.

- Can I take Serenoa-C with a vitamin and mineral supplement?
If you are taking other food supplements please ensure that the daily maximum safety limit for the active ingredients of the products is not exceeded.

- When is the best time to take Serenoa-C?
We recommend that Serenoa-C is taken with food. The best time would be either with breakfast or at lunchtime. The B-vitamins may have a stimulating effect as they are involved in energy production and in sensitive individuals this may affect sleep.

- Are there any side-effects with Serenoa-C?
This product is usually very well tolerated. As with any food, there is always a possibility that individuals may have a sensitivity to one or more ingredients contained in the product. We always recommend that in the event of any unusual symptoms being noted upon taking our products they should be discontinued and if necessary a doctor consulted to rule out any other cause for the symptoms.

The B-vitamins may have a stimulating effect, which may affect sleep, so it is best to take the product morning or lunch time. Vitamin B2 can cause urine to go bright yellow, which is a completely harmless reaction.

- I am allergic to gluten, can I take Serenoa-C?
Serenoa-C is completely gluten-free and is suitable for coeliacs.

- I am allergic to dairy products, can I still take Serenoa-C?
Serenoa-C is completely free from ingredients sourced from dairy milk products.

- Which are good food sources of magnesium and zinc?
Magnesium: Whole grains, nuts, seeds, green vegetables
Zinc : Oysters, red meat, nuts, seeds, pulses and whole grain cereal.

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