TWOW10025 Gardena

Water Smart Flow Meter

  • This innovative Water Smart Flow Meter lets you easily measure and record how much water you are using, as well as the flow rate in litres per minute. This means you can record how much water is being used per session, per day and per season, simply pressing a button to switch between the recorded amounts which are clearly displayed on the large digital display. It can be used to measure how much water is being used from an outside tap or fitted to a hosepipe to measure how much water is being consumed when using a spray gun, garden sprinkler, automatic watering system or other watering device.

Product Description

This Water Smart Flow Meter is really easy to use, with all functions being controlled by one button. Using a meter like this enables you to water accurately - as you can see the amount of water you have used, so you can supply your plants with a selected amount of water - it allows accurate dosage of fertiliser - and it makes you more aware of the water you are using, especially important if you are on a water meter. Runs from one CR2032 round cell battery (not included) and has an integral battery-level display so you know when it's time to swap to a new battery. An impellor indicator on the display rotates for as long as water is flowing through the meter, indicating that the meter is working and measuring the water-flow quantity. Supplied ready to connect to an outside tap (fitted with a tap connector), to a sprayer, sprinkler or pump. It simply clicks onto a Threaded Tap Connector or Standard Hose Connector.

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