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WaterPik Ultra-Cordless Dental Cleaning Water Jet - WP450

  • Lightweight, cordless and easy to use, the Waterpik® ultra cordless dental water jet makes it easy to maintain healthier gums.
  • WaterPik Ultra-Cordless Dental Cleaning Water Jet


Product Description

  • Stays charged for approximately one week.
    Easy to store when not in use.
    Tips rotate 360° to reach all areas of the mouth.
    Reservoir capacity is 120 mL.
    Pressure range is 35 to 70 psi.
    Two-year warranty.

    Clinically proven to be up to 93% more effective than dental floss at improving gum health.
    Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing and flossing alone will not reach.
    Massages and stimulates gums.
    Can be used with your favorite mouthwash.
    Leaves a clean, fresh sensation.
  • For people with braces, the Waterpik Ultra series of dental water jet with the Orthodontic Tip is proven three times more effective at reducing plaque.

    Push-button dual pressure control system with low for sensitive gums, high for deep cleaning.
    Reservoir can be filled without removal.
    Convenient, recharging power supply.
    No batteries needed


Waterpik’s mission is to be the first choice of their global customers for innovative, stylish, high-value products that enhance health and wellness and support sustainability. Since the issuance of their first patent in 1967, they have maintained a steadfast commitment to developing innovative products that enable you to treat yourself better. Over the years, they have acquired more than 500 patents, and their products have been recognized for award-winning design and technology. Waterpik is committed to developing products that enhance the health and well-being of their customers, as well as helping to conserve water and energy.

About Brand

Waterpik is one of the most trusted oral health brands of dental professionals throughout the world. It has been a leader in developing innovative personal and oral healthcare products for the entire family since 1962. Waterpik has developed and introduced many products that are considered the first of their kind and have led to the formation of new markets, including the water and power flosser.

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5 out of 5
By Elmac | Posted on: 02/10/2013

excellent product!

Fantastic product. Cleans teeth perfectly. I wear braces so it is very difficult to use the dental floss. WaterPik removes everything between my teeth. I put water and mouthwash in the tank and I feel my teeth sooo.. cleaned. Better than dental floss. Definitely a MUST have if you suffer from periodontitis. (tip: keep your mouth shut while using as the water jets out so strong and it sprays all over your bathroom mirror!!)

4 out of 5
By Brace wearer | Posted on: 29/08/2013

Water floss

Perfect for the single person..I wear braces and this cleans very well.

5 out of 5
By dentalclean | Posted on: 14/08/2012

Great product

A brilliant way to get into all the areas of your mouth leaving it totally clean, cons needs filling rather a lot.

5 out of 5
By Black Duck | Posted on: 23/06/2012


Better than flossing when used before brushing your teeth. Has rid me of a gum disease that had defied various mouthwashes. A definite part of oral hygiene.

5 out of 5
By Ayifa | Posted on: 13/03/2012

I love it!

I like this product very much. I use it twice daily and could not manage without it. The teeth feels very clean and when I travel it is easy to take with me. It is sad that this product isn't for sale in Finland, because the charging is a little bit hard, I have to use a converter.

5 out of 5
By fotheo | Posted on: 08/11/2011


It's great... It helped me a lot. It does what it says... I am very pleased!


Expected Despatch By 27/10/2016
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