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Wella Hair Streaking Kit Light Blonde - 1 Kit

  • Use to achieve an all-over beautifully soft sun-kissed look or to create specific highlights around the hairline, crown or fringe.


Product Description

  • Used on light brown to blonde hair, it gives natural-looking blonde highlights and even adds volume to fine hair
  • With the Wella Hair Streaking Kit you get professional-looking results with the minimum of fuss and the finished look can be as subtle or as bold as you want
  • It can even be used to blend away and disguise the first signs of grey hair
  • Ideal For:
    Creating highlights.
    Blending away the first signs of grey hair.
    Blonde to light brown hair
  • This product is not suitable for use on darker hair and hair longer than chin length.


For Best Results:
Put the Highlighting Cap on head and pull through strands of hair as desired.
If opting for all-over highlights, pull fine strands of hair through every second or third hole. For a really natural look, pull ultra fine strands through every hole.
If you prefer hairline highlights, pull strands through every second hole around the hairline. For a more dramatic effect, use thicker and more regularly placed strands. The choice is yours!
Put on the gloves provided and cover your shoulders with an old towel.
Pour the Lightening Powder into the mixing tray and then add the Gentle Cream Developer.
Avoid inhaling the Lightening Powder as this may cause an allergic reaction.
Stir the mixture into a smooth cream using the Application Brush provided.
Begin application immediately after mixing.
Apply the mixture evenly to the strands using the Application Brush.
Start the application at the back of the head, placing strands on top of each other.
If there is an area of the hair that is much darker than the rest, apply to that area first, as this area will need the longest development time.
The natural colour and texture of your hair will determine the final degree of lightness obtained. If the hair is slightly porous, the development time may be shorter. The lightening effect should be checked every 5-10 minutes, as there are various stages in the lightening process.

To check the development time:
Put on the gloves again and wipe the mixture off one strand of hair. If the hair has not achieved the right degree of lightness leave to develop for longer and check again after a further 10 minutes.
Total development time should be no longer than 50 minutes.
At the end of the development time, thoroughly rinse off the mixture and remove the cap. Shampoo hair using the Conditioning Shampoo and rinse well.


Natural Hair Colour / Colour Result

Light Blonde / Pale Blonde
Medium Blonde / Natural Light Blonde
Dark Blonde / Natural Blonde
Light Brown / Warm Golden Blonde


Wellas high quality products are especially developed to be easy-to-use at home, so you can create whatever look you desire, whenever you want to.

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