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Wella Shock Waves Strong Wet-Look Gel - 200ml

  • For a style that's more Bond than Borrell, comb through wet hair to give a neat, flawless quiff
  • For a dapper look befitting a true gent, get a polished finish with Wet Look Gel
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Product Description

  • Strong hold formula shapes and defines your style with a wet-effect
  • Want strong hold with a lasting wet effect?

    Get your own personal wet effect with Wet-Look Gel.
  • Doesn't leave hair sticky
  • Washes out easily
  • Long-lasting hold and wet effect


Work into damp hair, create your style, then leave to dry naturally.
For a messy wet-look, rub hair in a rotary movement, then to finish pick hair ends out of the style.


Wellas high quality products are especially developed to be easy-to-use at home, so you can create whatever look you desire, whenever you want to.

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