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Wellkid (Vitabiotics) - 30's

by Vitabiotics
  • A great tasting supplement to your child’s diet, providing a comprehensive range of 21 nutrients including Omega-3 to help safeguard the nutritional intake of growing children aged 4-12.
  • Vitabiotics WellKid Smart MultiVitamins
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Product Description

    • Rapid development of bones, muscles, blood and the brain mean that children have a high nutrient requirement in relation to their body size
    • For mothers particularly concerned about the bone health of their children we recommend Osteocare, available in chewable tablet or liquid form, which can be taken alongside WellKid.

      Blood Building
      Iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid are essential for haemoglobin and healthy blood formation, the body’s transport system for nutrients and oxygen
    • The body naturally converts this into DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
    • Many scientific studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids may help maintain healthy brain function and vision
    • DHA is needed because it plays a structural role in the cells of the central nervous system
    • Does not contain any artificial colours, preservatives, lactose, gluten, salt or yeast
    • During childhood there is an increased demand for calcium and phosphorus to meet the needs of rapidly growing bones
    • WellKid has not been tested on animals.
    • Has a delicious Raspberry & Lemon flavour popular with children
    • WellKid chewable tablets have been produced with children’s needs in mind.Each great tasting chewable tablet provides a comprehensive range of 21 essential nutrients including Omega-3, vitamins A, C, D, E and the minerals magnesium, iron and zinc to help safeguard your child’s nutritional intake
    • As well as learning and behaviour, zinc is involved in many body processes including DNA and RNA synthesis, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, bone growth, integrity of the skin, a co-factor in many enzymes and also plays an important role in the immune system
    • It facilitates the delivery of oxygen from the lungs to all body tissues including the brain
    • Iron is known to be essential for normal brain function and is especially important in relation to brain development, learning and memory
    • WellKid tablets are suitable for vegetarians and so are an ideal way of helping to ensure your child receives enough iron
    • Its formula is based in the very latest scientific research
    • Iron is also a cofactor for several enzymes involved in energy metabolism
    • WellKid is low in sugar and contains Xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener which is kind to teeth
    • Sometimes it is difficult to ensure kids are getting all the nutrients they need every day
    • This is especially true for vegetarians as iron from non-meat sources is not as easily absorbed by the body
    • The absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the food we eat, into the blood, is carefully controlled by the body and is influenced by a number of other key nutrients including vitamin D, magnesium and zinc
    • Vegetarian flaxseed oil is a rich source of Omega-3 alpha linolenic acid
    • What are Vitabiotics Wellkid Smart Multivitamins?
      Healthy growth is vital during the first 10 years of a child’s life
    • With nutrient levels carefully optimised to the specific needs of growing children
    • As well as Omega-3, WellKid includes iron and zinc which also play a role in helping to maintain healthy brain function
    • Iron is an essential part of the haemoglobin found in red blood cells
    • WellKid, as well as being a balanced multivitamin for kids also provides a source of omega-3 fatty acids derived from flaxseed oil
    • EPA is required because it is essential for optimal brain function and cell signalling (when nerve cells communicate with each other).

      Strong and Healthy Kids
      The WellKid formula includes essential vitamins such as A, C, D3 and E (supplementation of these vitamins is recommended by Government medical experts), minerals such as zinc and selenium, plus B-complex vitamins which together may help to maintain a child’s all round health, immune system defence and energy release.

      Strong Bones
      WellKid tablets include vitamin D and minerals such as magnesium and zinc to help support the health of rapidly growing bones and teeth
    • Government surveys have indicated that children’s diets can be low in certain nutrients including iron
    • Even more reasons for your child to take WellKid…
    • WellKid is produced to high pharmaceutical standards of quality control
    • Concentration
      With so much focus on the role of Omega-3 fatty acids in brain function, the important role of essential minerals has been largely overlooked
    • Meeting those requirements can be a challenge


  • - No artificial colours
    - No preservatives
    - No gluten or lactose
    - No salt or yeast
    - WellKid has not been tested on animals

    WellKid chewable tablets do not contain any drugs or hormones and are produced in accordance with high pharmaceutical standards of quality control, beyond those normally required for food supplements.


  • One tablet to be chewed daily, preferably with a main meal. These tablets are not designed to be swallowed whole. Do not exceed the recommended intake. Do not give to children under the age of 4.


  • Vitabiotics has manufactured innovative health care products for over 30 years; a British company committed to human health and research.

    Based in London, Vitabiotics has created a unique portfolio of products at the forefront of scientific developments in key sectors, including nutrition and women's health.

    Designed to provide maximum efficacy by supporting the human body in its own natural processes, each product is developed using the latest research available, and produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

    Innovation is the key to Vitabiotics' success. This means keeping at the leading edge of international research on the one hand, while remaining sensitive to specific consumer needs on the other.

    Vitabiotics has a profound commitment to translating the latest scientific advancements into effective products, which are fully integrated with modern consumer lifestyles. Vitabiotics' brand portfolio includes some of the fastest growing supplements in the UK and numerous brand leaders.

    Vitabiotics guarantees the highest technological skills and a dedication to excellence.

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