Sorry - this product is no longer available

This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Wera Zyklop 8004A Metal-Switch Slim Ratchet 1/4in drive

Product Description

  • These forged, full metal ratchets are made from chrome molybdenum and are very robust without any torque limitation.

    The ratchets have a switch lever that allows convenient change of direction

  • Wera Zyklop Metal-Switch ratchets have extremely slim handles and heads, with long leverage

  • In addition, they have a secure socket mechanism and 72 teeth that allow small increments of just 5°.

    The 8004A Metal-Switch Slim Ratchet has the following specifications:

    Drive: 1/4in square.
    Length: 141mm.
    Head dimensions: 19 x 22mm.

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