FMWS10078 Westmark

Westmark Bean Slicer Plastic Suction

  • Westmark Bean Slicer Plastic Suction slices beans in no time, with 3 hardened and sharped knives, with suction pad for secure hold, easy to clean, material: high quality plastics, white, stainless steel knives.



Founded in 1923, Westmark began life as a grinding shop for cutlery and remained in the Schulte family estate for decades. The fast upturn in demand for quality kitchen tools during the late forties/early fifties saw Westmark take up a major position in the marketplace. Their reputation has been enhanced by a consistent policy of developing innovative products of the highest quality. The numerous tools and gadgets, catering for virtually all possible food preparation needs in the kitchen, include spatulas, vegetable cutting & peeling gadgets, cheese slicers, meat hammers, fruit tools, fish preparation tools and scoops. Aluminium has been the traditional material used in the production of Westmark products; however, stainless steel and high grade plastic items now compliment the range. The recent introduction of a high quality silver metallic coating means that most products are now dishwasher safe.

About Brand

Westmark offers a wide range of clever kitchen gadgets and household articles. Their products are designed to make cooking and life in the kitchen easier, they are practical and uncomplicated. Westmark combines high quality with trend and tradition. Their range of extremely durable, innovative products of the highest quality caters for all possible food preparation needs.

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5 out of 5
By fruitcrumble | Posted on: 21/10/2013

Westmark Bean Slicer

This bean slicer is absolutely brilliant! My mother-in-law gave me one about 15 years ago and it has had so much use as I grow loads of runner beans at my allotment and in the garden. The handle eventually gave out and I just HAD to have another one. It makes slicing them so much easier and is especially good if you have arthritis in your hands. I bought one for my daughter as well. I would be lost without it.

5 out of 5
By Chrisbee | Posted on: 13/08/2013

A Little Gem

I bought a suction version Westmark runner bean slicer a few years ago. I consider it to be the most useful purchase I have made. Initially it tossed bean chips everywhere. I had the idea of putting a plastic shopping bag over the top, tying it under the hub of the handle. Pulling the bag taught down over the top I pierced two small holes over the bean entry slots. I was then able to slice beans at will, collecting them securely in the bag, up-ending the bag into a saucepan to blanch them.


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