KSPL11796 Whirlpool

Whirlpool Inox Egg Timer Cook


Product Description

  • Just pop it in the water with your eggs and watch it.
    As the eggs cook the timer changes colour towards the middle of the timer, when it reaches the right line for you, your eggs are done to your perfection.
    These graduated scales show when eggs are soft, medium or hard boiled by sensing heat instead of time.
    The sensor also work with multiple number of eggs, the amount of water, even the heat at which the eggs are being cooked at are not a problem.
    It also comes in a cute egg-shape.

    Graduated scales from soft boiled to hard boiled
    Easy to read scale
    Comes in a cute egg-shape
    You get perfect boiled eggs every time
    Changes colour as your eggs Cook
    Works with Multiple Eggs
    More accurate than a regular timer as it senses temperature rather than just measuring time
    Durable & long lasting
    A fantastic gadget for those who struggle to get the perfect boiled egg

    Package Contents:1 x WPRO Inox Timer Cook
  • Whirlpool Inox Egg Timer Cook - EGI100

    OPN: 480181700572

    Product Description:Struggle with making the perfect boiled egg? Then look no further with the heat sensitive colour changing egg timer you can’t go wrong! Perfect eggs all the time!
    This clever gadget is a life saver for those who can’t make the perfect boiled egg

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