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Wild Caviar Hand Moisturiser SPF20 - 50ml


Product Description

  • EUK-134 Antioxidant mimics the activity of 2 natural skin enzymes
  • Vitamin E Acetate is assists with increasing the moisturisation of the skin surface, anti-inflammatory, prevention of skin damage and protection against damage from UV induced by free radicals
  • Apply as often as required.

    Suggested age range:
    All ages

    Suggested skin type:
    All skin types


    Celebrity reference:
    Angelina Jolie and Catherina Zeta Jones are said to be big fans of using caviar-based skin treatments.

  • It protects skin tissue against toxic compounds, it further prevents UVA and UVB damage
  • It optimizes the circulation of water throughout all layers of the skin
  • Contains a range of beneficial active ingredients:

    Caviar is an advanced technology formulation provideing SPF20 protection from UVB combined with UVA protection for broad spectrum defence from harmful UV rays enriched with Wild Caviar Extract a highly nutritious marine complex

  • AQUAXYLâ„¢ acts as a hyaluronic acid booster
  • Gransil DMCM-5 is a very strong mattifying agent and facial oil absorber to give a matte, smooth and non-oily look
  • It can limit water loss through its barrier which is reinforced in 24 hours
  • It performs like a soft-silicone-powder serum that provides an excellent silky and smooth feel.

    Suggestion of use:
    Apply a small amount to the hands, massaging in until fully absorbed

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