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Wild West Slab Style Beef Jerky - Hot Peppered - 25g

  • The hot peppered in nugget form has proved popular but this hand cut old style gourmet jerky is tougher and sweeter
  • Wild West Slab Style Beef Jerky - Hot Peppered
  • With a tangy, warm but not hot taste this is the snack to have with a beer! This jerky gives away its flavour quite easily, strong moorish with peppered aftertaste.



The company was formed in early 2001 in order to supply you with Beef Jerky made by a renowned manufacturer of gourmet meat snacks from Uruguay. We now have a fully automated packaging line along with hand packing facilities with full EU approval.
Our company aims to offer consumers a mouth-watering alternative to the usual snack foods. Wild West Foods is located on the beautiful Isle of Lewis a region known for its wilderness, beauty and meat/fish curing. Richard Davies, the business founder has lived here since leaving university. He loves jerky, is a keen fly fisherman and rugby player and has years of experience running a salmon smoking business here on the island.
Quality of life is one of the area's strongest attributes - there can surely be no finer place to run a business from.


Centuries ago the Indians of North America preserved buffalo meat by curing and smoking it while on the move. This dried meat had the name charqui, pronounced "sharkey" in Spanish. This means to "pull or cut into long strips." Over the years the word changed and the meat became known as Jerky or jerked beef. In essence this is what our solid-strip Beef Jerky is - strips of lean top round steak, cured, smoked and flavoured. Moist and mouth watering.

The pioneers of North America learned of jerky from the Native Americans. Jerky was mainly eaten by those pioneers who were going to be away from civilization for some time: mountain men, hunters and explorers. They used to trade the Indians for Jerky such was its versatility, food value and long life.

African tribes too have dried meat in the sun to preserve it. The cured meat was and still is in some parts vital to sustain the tribes throughout the leaner months. This traditional food is now known as "Biltong" and is also eaten around the world. It tends to be tougher and less versatile than jerky.

These days, apart from tasting great, jerky is useful for all sorts of outdoor pursuits because it doesn't melt like chocolate, crush like crisps or turn in to mush like sandwiches. Yachtsmen use jerky as a source of meat that doesn't need a fridge. Bodybuilders like the low fat, high protein content. Kayakers, hillwalkers and anglers like it because it's delicious, lightweight and nutritious.

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