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Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Tawny Orange Marmalade - 454g

  • This rich dark marmalade is made from Seville oranges that are cooked with sugar and nothing else
  • Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Tawny Orange Marmalade


Product Description

  • The dark colour and spicy flavour come from oranges that have been cooked whole, then cooked with sugar, left to cool overnight and cooked a third time to caramelise the sugar - a quite unique product that is well worth the extra effort in the making


sugar, oranges


Wilkin & Sons own almost 1,000 acres of farmland in and around the village of Tiptree. The company has moved with the times to meet growing demand for its products, but always with quality and flavour as the prime objective.
The arable cropping that is so important for a good rotation system has been entrusted to local farmers, leaving Wilkin & Sons to concentrate on fruit growing. The orchards, loganberry plantations and strawberry fields are tended with care and close attention to environmental issues. Some crops such as medlars, quinces, mulberries and some of the plums are in conversion to organic growing methods.

The farm has been fundamental to the success of the business. Not only has it enabled the company to have traditional English fruits, picked at the peak of condition, it has also been the basis for the company philosophy and policies. There are no quick fortunes to be made here, rather the emphasis is on products that all can be proud of and on long term growth.

In the nearby village of Goldhanger, Wilkin & Sons are beginning to use modern growing methods for traditional fruits. Alongside the heavy cropping varieties that have become so popular as dessert fruits can now be found growing traditional varieties that the company uses for its preserves.

Modern methods include growing fruit in "Spanish tunnels", protecting plants from the cold and wind to encourage growth. More accurate irrigation and fertilisation is used to avoid waste and ensure consistent cropping and diverse ways of extending the picking season to ensure the factory can cope with ever-growing sales volumes.

Most recently, further investment has allowed us to increase our loganberry crop and to re-introduce raspberry growing to Tiptree. These modern methods remain in stark contrast to our long-established medlar, quince and mulberry orchards.

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