ESAL10007 EasyAlarms

Wireless & Pet Friendly Burglar Alarmless & Pet Friendly Burglar Alarm System & Fire Alert. Perfect Alarm for your Home, Caravan, Boat & Outbuilding.. Plus FREE iPhone & Android Alarm App …

  • Direct call and text alerts direct to your mobile upon break in or fire
  • Wireless & Pet Friendly Sensors with "battery low" notifications
  • Easy to Self Install and user friendly features
  • FREE iPhone and Android App to monitor and control your system on the go (optional)
  • 24 hour battery backup so your system even works in a power cut


Product Description

  • Plus the x2 FREE Smoke Detectors to work with your kit.

    The UK's best "Pet Friendly" Wireless and Easy to Self Install "Auto Text / Call Alert" Burglar and Fire Alarm System
  • This full alarm kit includes x1 Direct Alert Control Panel, x4 PET Friendly (under 20kg) PIR Movement Sensor, x4 Window/Door Sensor, x4 Upgraded Robust metal Keyfobs with Arm/Disarm and Panic buttons, x1 External Siren with Flashing LEDs ..
  • (requires a SIM card, any Pay as you Go will work OR a connection to Landline telephone point)
  • you even get a FREE app that you can download to any iPhone or Android that allows you to have complete control and monitor your alarm system on the go from wherever you are .
  • This alarm systems may be hi-spec but all features are user friendly.
  • You can be rest assured that your property is safe wherever you are.
  • The main control panel and external siren require a power supply either mains or 12v (we provide all power leads, simply plug in).
  • also includes an outside siren with flashing LEDs will fully protect your house, home, boat, caravan or workplace
  • The system even has a 24hr battery backup so your system still fully works even in the case of a power cut, smart features like notifications if the batteries in your sensors need replacing zoning areas to arm different areas of your property at different times.
  • This great kit not only gives you the standard features that you would expect from a top end wireless burglar alarm but also comes with x2 FREE smoke detectors that work along side your system to alert you of smoke/fire.
  • with no monitoring contacts, fees or subscriptions.
  • if you like that sort of thing..
  • All components are wireless for easy installation and all have built in Anti-tamper for an extra high level of security that will stand up to even the most determined intruder.
  • It has a built in autodialer that automatically sends you a call or text message if the system is activated..
  • All in all this is a fantastic bit of kit for a great price.


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