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Wisdom Toothbrush Clean Between - Sensitive

  • Wisdom toothbrushes clean between sensitive.

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By Brushed Up | Posted on: 17/06/2015

Glad To Find Them!

A really good toothbrush and I can't find them in the shops round me anymore. Thank you.

By Zeta | Posted on: 05/06/2014

Great product

Excellent product especially for sensative teeth. Doesn't feel like you have scrubbed your teeth. Lasts longer than most toothbrushes. 5 out of 5. Would definitely recommend to others.

By Jack | Posted on: 01/05/2014

Hard to get

Excellent product. Much approved by my hygienist. The dentists like soft brushes ....... why does everybody think Hard brushes are good for them? That's why all the shops sell Hard and Medium.

By Jag Man | Posted on: 11/06/2013

Wisdom Toothbrush Clean Between - Sensitive

Good brush, getting hard to find in the shops.

By SBL4TBL | Posted on: 15/01/2013


The ONLY toothbrush I have ever found that effectively cleans between my teeth. When it was time to renew my brush I searched & searched but found shops seemed to have stopped selling this brush so I was very happy to have found this product at Auravita.