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WMF Gourmet Knife Sharpener - 2 Grades

  • Knife sharpener Gourmet
  • 2 sharpening grades
  • Made of ceramics

Product Description

  • Using a knife sharpener or steel you can sharpen a quality knife easily and effectively at any time, since even the best knife will lose its sharpness in the long run
  • The knife should be pulled down properly on a steel made of ceramics or chrome-vanadium steel before and after each use
  • An alternative to steel is the WMF knife sharpener
  • They provide several grades for rough and fine grinding
  • Knife sharpener made of ceramics or steel produce an optimal sharpening result, if the knives are pulled through straight
  • The WMF knife sharpener stand out by their long service life and easy handling


WMF is a leading international supplier of products and services with the focus on tableware and kitchenware in the consumer and institutional segments. WMF aims at setting standards. For WMF, success in the markets, cost-effectiveness and profitability form the basis for our ability to fulfill our obligations towards customers, employees, investors, environment and the public in general. Since generations WMF tableware and kitchenware have been appreciated because of their functional and design qualities. WMF maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing sites for cutleries, cookware, tableware, knifeware and coffee machines. The company founded in 1853 is a supplier of branded products meeting the highest demands made on design, quality and utility – throughout the world.

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By FiftyShores_N | Posted on: 16/12/2014

Just perfect

I just can't live with this sharpener from now on. I love to have all my knives sharp and ready to use. I would recommend it to anyone.

By Daniel Pattrick | Posted on: 08/12/2014

Great knife sharpener

Great tool to keep my knives sharp and ready to use. I love this item and makes me save time every time that I use it.

By David | Posted on: 21/11/2014

Keep them sharp!

A great tool that I use to keep all my knives sharp. You don't care about sharpness until you don't have your knives sharp... I recommend this product to all of you like me, like to have a proper knife to cut meat or other food.

By Chivers | Posted on: 10/05/2013

Luxury brand - feel the quality

Nicely thought-through: for example has a good guard to stop you neatly slicing your fingers off, and little feet to stop the sharpener wandering around on the table. Nicely made: for instance the edges are rounded and not sharp, and it feels solid enough, like a product from this brand should. Has ceramic grinding edges - you should google for the differences between this and other materials used to make knife grinding edges. I'm happy with this purchase.