WMF Lyric Fruit Knife - 175mm

  • The matt handles contrast with the polished forepart
  • Lyric is a clearly arranged design cutlery with harmonious proportions
  • The high material thickness makes this cutlery fit well in your hand.


Product Description

  • This way, Lyric creates a new opportunity of interpretation, of communicating messages and arousing the imagination
  • The matt-finished handle contrasts with the polished forepart
  • The fruit knife is used for different varieties of fruit and also for cakes and toast
  • The high material thickness makes the cutlery fit well in your hand
  • Modern laser technology allows furnishing knife, fork and spoon with contents
  • A most popular trend is using the fruit knife as a couvert knife
  • The fruit knife is a small light knife with which you can also use to slice harder fruits easily at the table


WMF is a leading international supplier of products and services with the focus on tableware and kitchenware in the consumer and institutional segments. WMF aims at setting standards. For WMF, success in the markets, cost-effectiveness and profitability form the basis for our ability to fulfill our obligations towards customers, employees, investors, environment and the public in general.

Since generations WMF tableware and kitchenware have been appreciated because of their functional and design qualities.

WMF maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing sites for cutleries, cookware, tableware, knifeware and coffee machines. The company founded in 1853 is a supplier of branded products meeting the highest demands made on design, quality and utility – throughout the world.


Design: Köhler & Wilms Products

For the Berlin designers Claudia Köhler and Irmy Wilms it is of utmost importance that each of the products they design should enrich true culture in outstanding creative and functional quality. Formal aesthetics and ergonomics are equally the most important factors.

Alongside a variety of work as designers of porcelain and porcelain decor Köhler and Wilms design collections of eyewear, fashion accessories and stationary products, develop interior design ideas, supervise the creative adaptation of publications and have designed the sets and costumes for many film and television productions.

One of the core statements for Köhler & Wilms on their work is: “The diverse scope of the interaction of material, ornamentation, choices of finish and shape fascinate us in every new project.”

Material: Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10, part matt, dishwasher safe

Cromargan® is the registered trademark of WMF for 18/10 stainless steel. Steel is refined by the incorporation of other metals which increases its utility. Cromargan® is an alloy of 18% chrome, 10% nickel and 72% steel. Chrome makes the material stainless; nickel makes it acid-resistant and adds gloss.

The composition guarantees best usage properties. Cromargan® cutleries are dimensionally stable, neutral in flavour and food acid-resistant. They are hygienic, easy to clean and, of course, dishwasher-safe.

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