BTFR12830 Wolford

Wolford Sina Tights - Gobi Black - Large


Product Description

Geometrics have been popular for some time now, being a big thing in the '80s and being even more popular in the last decade or so. But Sina tights are a truly original pattern, not just the standard stripes, spots or diamonds. There is so much energy and dynamic action in these tights, but they are not entirely geometric or artificial. There is also the hint of the something more natural in there, namely an animal print. The zebra or tiger stripes that are hidden within the pattern give these tights a certain powerful athleticism that only the animal kingdon truly exhudes. Wolford Sina Tights are an original and unique design.
Wolford Sina tights are an eye-catcher at second glance. The stay-up effect featuring bold patterned squares is an absolute style highlight. A must for experimenting with different skirt lengths.
  • Wide waistband for increased durability
  • Comfortable, soft knitted waistband
  • Sheer matt tights
  • Circular knit

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