BTFR11727 Wolford

Wolford Tulle Forming Dress Black - Large (Size 42)


Product Description

  • Brimming with feminine charm and that infectious Fifties feel, it seems the beloved brand have taken everything we love in the hosiery world and created the pretty tights
  • Variete by name and most certainly variety by nature, Wolford have transformed the humble 20 denier tights into a super elegant pair of sheers

  • Polka dots, fishnet, backseams and a mock hold up, these tights have it all
  • Beginning at the toe, a small dotted design travels along your legs, finishing mid-thigh where it is met by a printed row of decorative bows
  • Style your Variete tights with a hemline that will frame the mock hold up, making sure to let the tights do the talking with a plain patterned dress

  • With the flat 2.5cm waistband and gusset, the luxurious brand can do no wrong
  • Finish with a coat of red lipstick for the ultimate chic

  • To top it off, Wolford have included an oh so subtle fishnet design on the mock hold ups, playing up to the fine net appearance of the tights
  • Providing the allure, you'll find a backseam that begins at the bows and runs down the back of your legs

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