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Wooden 4 Colour Puzzle - Puzzle - Goula

  • Wooden 4 Colour Puzzle - Puzzle - Goula.


Product Description

  • The 4 Colours Puzzle has four easily recognisable images - a smiling Sun, a juicy Strawberry, a happy Frog and a friendly Fish
  • With the cut out shape to guide them, your child will learn to match up the pieces to the correct space they then learn to manipulate the piece until it fits
  • Wooden 4 Colour Puzzle - Puzzle - Goula.
    Children learn to recognise - and later name and discuss - objects in their world, and from their early picture books
  • This encourages dexterity and spatial awareness - important skills to learn when you are growing up
  • Thus the puzzles become progressively more challenging, and encouraging an increasing feeling of achievement when mastered.
    The wooden base, shapes and handles make this puzzle a pleasure to handle and play with
  • This encourages your child to compare the puzzle piece with the board and see that they are they match
  • Behind each lift-out piece the wood is the colour of the puzzle pieces that fits that cut-out shape
  • The Sun is just one piece, the Strawberry is two pieces, the Frog three pieces and the Fish is four pieces
  • Suitable for children aged 2+ years
  • The puzzle board measures 22 x 22cm approximately.
    Box Contains
    1 x Wooden puzzle board with 10 lift out pieces
    Ages 2+


Actual Weight: 406g
Age: 2+
Ass/Sol: Solid
Manufacturer: Jumbo
Packaging: Box - A4 < 9"
Topic: wooden puzzle

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Age Range

2 years - 6 years




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