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WPro Magnetic Anti Limescale Water Device - 484000000279

Product Description

  • The magnet is compact made of stainless steel and very easily installed on the inlet hose of your appliance
  • This powerful magnet with 16000 gauss, which does not effect the biological structure of the water (as there are no chemical additives)helps to prevent the formation of limescale and prolongs the life of your appliance
  • Where limescale is allowed to build up on the heating element this reduces the effectiveness of the element requiring insome cases extra use of electricity.

    Product Description
    Magnetic Descaler
  • For Domestic use and the treatment of portable water.

    Fits Models;
    Any standard washing machine or dishwasher inlet hose.


    1 x Magnetic Anti-limescale Device
    2 x Washers

    Alternate Part Number: 480171700939
  • Connect Between Tap & Hose

    Maintains the elements and bearings in perfect condition as it eliminates limescale

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