Wykamol Kontract Mesh Membrane Kit - 20M2

  • It comprises: 1 x 2m x 10m roll of Kontract Mesh - membrane you can plaster directly 1 x Wykamol Tape - to seal the membrane joins 200 x Wykamol Plaster Plugs and Seals - to seal the plugs.
  • This kit provides you with all you need for 20metres 2 of Kontract Mesh waterproofing


Product Description

  • Incorporates a tough HDPE mesh lathing welded to the front face to allow the direct application of various plaster finishes or adhesive 'dabs' and plasterboard
  • Kontract Mesh is a high density polyethylene membrane incorporating 8 mm studs which allows the isolation of wet walls above and below ground
  • Also suitable for use on floors above ground to be screeded or in conjunction with Kontract 8 below ground.


Please Note: You may find a similar kit on other websites for a little cheaper - but make sure it contains enough ancillaries. If you do not apply 20 plaster plugs per square metre, you risk flexing of the membrane, which will crack your plaster skim! Kontract mesh - Cavity drainage membrane with a mesh lathing suitable for plasters/renders. Note: in basements where the walls are particularly wet (running water) we recommend the use of Kontract 8 on walls and floors (see separate data sheet). This product may require additional plaster plugs and seals if your wall is uneven Please see product guide for details Kontract Mesh has the following properties: Stud height 8 mm, drainage volume 5.5 litres/m2 Sheet thickness 600 _m, density 0.7 kg/m2 Excellent low and high temperature stability 150 kN/m2 load bearing capacity High durability and water resistance Specification Kontract Mesh is suitable for use in accordance with BS 8102:1990 to provide Type 'C' drained protection to structures below ground giving a Grade 3 or 4 dry environment suitable for domestic or commercial use. In basements it is essential that Kontract Mesh is used in conjunction with a suitable sump and pump facility (unless passive drainage is available on one side of the building) and that this is maintained throughout the lifetime of the installation. To control the risk of condensation it is recommended that all basements should be provided with mechanical ventilation to ensure adequate air circulation in accordance with the guidelines in Approved Document F (Building Regulations 2005).

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