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Yarrah Fish Wellness-Pate With Spirulina & Seaweed - 400g

  • The Fish Fish Wellness-Pate With Spirulina & Seaweed
  • Yarrah Organic Fish Wellness-Pate with Spirulina & Seaweed contains 51% meat and is a complete cat food
  • Wellness-Pate is prepared with Nature's Finest ingredients which makes this delicious tender pate irresistible for cats.


Product Description

  • Spirulina & Seaweed are some of the richest sources of vitamins & minerals which can enhance your cat's resistance to illness and can aid recovery after exertion or illness.

    This product is 100% organic and contains no artificial additives or sugar
  • The Yarrah Natural Biotics® Health Program has identified Spirulina & Seaweed as a natural substance that can have a positive health effect for your cat.

    Although the health benefits of Spirulina & Seaweed have not been medically proven in cats (Yarrah will not test on animals), the general consensus is that Spirulina & Seaweed can improve coat condition and vitality


46% Meat* and animal by-products* (fish min. 5%), wheat*, maize*, minerals, spirulina (alga), seaweed.
*= Verified organically produced, Skal 1301.

Nutrition Information

Crude protein 10%
Crude fat 4,5%
Crude ash 2,0%
Crude fiber 1,0%
Moisture 80%
Calcium 0,3%
Phosphorus 0,25%
Magnesium 0,02%
Vitamin D3 85 IU/kg
Vitamin E 10 IU/kg
Taurin 200 mg/kg 3,9 mg/kg


Feed at room temperature preferably. Keep cans in the refrigerator once opened. Fully- grown cats eat ± 200 to 400 grams per day, depending on their freedom of movement and weight.


Yarrah Organic Petfood is suitable for any dog or cat, irrespective of its age or breed. The use of organic ingredients avoids the development of food allergies and problems with the digestive organs. Except the snacks for dogs, all Yarrah products are complete meals. This means our food products contain all the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the right proportions.

The main source of protein is chicken, which yields high-quality proteins, is digested well by practically all dogs and cats and is very tasty. Yarrah canned food for cats and dogs also contain seaweeds and spirulina, which improves coat condition and vitality, enhances resistance to illness and promotes recovery after exertion or illness. Because of our high quality ingredients, the acceptance of our products remains very high.

Yarrah Pet Food ensures that your dog or cat stays in excellent condition!

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