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GGFO14048 Yin Yang

Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask - 50ml

by Yin Yang
  • This mask contains an absorbent clay, formed hundreds of millions of years ago accounting for the clays mineral richness and compatible pH
  • Mixed with soft oils so it can be removed easily.
  • G&G Vitamins sell Kaolin Face Mask


Product Description

    • It energises with the refreshing fragrance from Essential Oil of Sweet Orange, and the wonders of witch hazel support the fine tissues around the eyes, relieving strain and making this super hydrating tonic an integral part of skin de-tox and an anti-ageing regime
    • Yin Yang Orange Flower Tonic should always be used after cleansing and before moisturising
    • Lightly fragranced with Neroli - the oil from orange flowers
    • This gentle combination of pure spring water and energetic ingredients is a real tonic for all skin types
    • Used after cleansing for extra hydration, this cooling moisturising tonic refreshes and tones the skin
    • Like all Yin Yang products the Tonic's naturally balanced pH of around 5.0 maintains or restores the skin's defensive "acid mantle"
    • A very traditional Yin Yang product, Orange Flower Tonic is also great for the senses, lifting the spirits with its light fragrance of orange, with middle notes of warm geranium.


  • In post-war Britain vitamin manufacturing was not the thriving industry that it is today. Vitamins and minerals were prescribed, but rarely in enough quantity to do any real good. Sheila Gaiman was a pharmacist at the University College Hospital in London.
    In 1965 research emerged showing that a much higher dosage of Vitamin E (300 times more than was widely available) was necessary particularly for those living in higher altitudes.
    The concept of the multivitamin was also just coming into the UK, but once again the quantities were much too small. So with Sheila’s knowledge in the field, her husband David Gaiman was able to approach a large pharmaceutical company and negotiate the manufacture of high dosage Vitamin E and a three part multivitamin.
    The new vitamin company was called G&G. It originally sold vitamins by mail order, out of the Gaiman’s Sussex home. In 1977 G&G bought its first shop. This was on East Grinstead High Street. It sold unique vitamins and minerals as well as other health food products.
    In 1983 G&G began to concentrate on providing nutritional data and research information from around the world to practitioners, nutritionists and clinics in the UK and Europe.
    The company quickly established an enviable reputation both for the information and research it was able to supply and the high quality of its own label products. Finally, in 1987 G&G began creating its own label vitamins for the first time, able to do this the way it had wanted; pure, high quality and high strength.
    G&G has grown over the years from a cottage business into one of the largest manufacturers of encapsulated vitamin and mineral products in the UK health industry. It supplies companies and clinics in over fifty countries. Along the way G&G has passed milestone after milestone and achieved several firsts in the ever-growing area of nutrition and health. G&G and its founders have been involved in numerous humanitarian causes, including supplying African children with nutritional supplements and implementing detoxification programmes for Chernobyl victims.


  • The YinYang product range was designed and formulated by skincare expert, Katie May.

    With a background in the food industry, she began formulating her own range of beauty care products in 1972. Using food ingredients in the formulations was simply a natural progression from her professional background. If it's not good enough to eat, why would you wish to put it on your skin? Especially when you know it will be absorbed into the body, just as readily as if you had consumed it.

    Katie is adamant that the ingredients should be as pure and natural as possible.

    While the YinYang range was developed and continues to be manufactured in England, it was inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’, used to explain the changes that occur in nature.

    This philosophy is described by the Yin Yang symbol: the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two opposing yet complementary energies, Yin (black) and Yang (white), which cause everything in nature to happen. While Yin would be dark, passive, downward, cold, contracting, and weak, Yang would be bright, active, upward, hot, expanding, and strong. The ancient Chinese observed the principle of opposites in the natural events around them: day and night, light and darkness, waking and sleeping, activity and rest, summer and winter, growth and decay, man and woman, hot and cold, heaven and earth, sun and moon, etc. The interlocking shapes of the Yin and Yang sections of the symbol actually give a sense of the continual movement of these two energies and their interrelationship. And so the concept of Yin and Yang shows how harmony is achieved by nature’s opposing forces.

    Just as the YinYang symbol reflects the idea of perfection in nature, so does our range of unique natural skincare products. Thus, inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy, our motto is ‘Naturally Balanced Perfection’.

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.