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You Are What You Eat - Dr Gillian McKeith - paperback book

  • Gillian McKeith has turned round Britain's worst eaters with incredible results
  • Now discover her fabulous diet secrets and get ready to meet the new you! Take the food IQ test and find out what your diet is doing to you
  • You Are What You Eat - Dr Gillian McKeith
  • Banish your craving.


Product Description

  • We all have up to 100 trillion cells in our bodies, each one demanding a constant supply of daily nutrients in order to function optimally
  • Gillian McKeith is here to give us a wake up call and some much needed advice
  • Many of them will surprise you
  • Read You Are What You Eat TO FIND OUT ABOUT...

    Being Body Aware - from a cracked tongue to dark circles under the eyes, learn how to assess your state of health through common body signs
  • • Gillian McKeith’s ‘Diet of Abundance’, based on the food combining principle
  • Before and after information about the people featured in the TV series, including 28 stone Andy, who was featured in the pilot for the show and whose average daily food intake before Gillian McKeith came to the rescue comprised pizza, coffee, vodka, ice cream and onion bhajis in copious quantities
  • Interactive Elements
    • Immune system and stress self-checks
    • Food Intelligence Quotient Test (FIT-IQ)
    • ‘The Nasties’ and Detox challenges
    • Recipes for smoothies and juices
    • 7 Day Jumpstart plan – healthy meal planner, exercise and relaxation tips
    • 1 Day Detox – plus pamper yourself while you cleanse your body with massages, meditation and a mineral bath
  • Weight, tiredness, digestive disorders, PMS and hormonal issues, and stress: the most common problems that affect us, plus helpful hints on how to overcome them
  • Advice on how to have clear skin, strong teeth and nails and glossy hair, plus 20 super quick tips to build into your every day life
  • Digestive disorders, stools urine, haemorrhoids, wind and colonic irrigation: Gillian McKeith tells it like it is about the intimate subjects we rarely talk about, including what your stool type says about you
  • Food affects all of these cells, and by extension, every aspect of our being: mood, energy levels, food cravings, thinking capacity, sex drive, sleeping habits and general health
  • • What ‘superfoods’ are and how they can help you
  • • The top 100 foods to eat in your every day life
  • At a time when around half of all women and two thirds of all men in the UK are overweight or clinically obese and the estimated cost to the country is 18 million sick days and 30,000 deaths a year, and 40,000 lost years of working life in England alone (source: National Audit Office), this is a serious issue
  • Written by clinical nutritionist Gillian McKeith to accompany her primetime Channel 4 TV series in which she challenges the nation’s eating habits, this book expands upon many of the facts and tips you will learn as you watch her advising the people featured in the series
  • If your body could talk what would it say about you?

    We’ve all heard the old adage ‘you are what you eat’, but have you ever stopped to think exactly how true that is? Put simply, healthy eating is the key to wellbeing
  • Whether you’re struggling with your weight, feeling like you’ve got no energy, suffering from stress, have specific health problems, or just want to feel more alive, You Are What You Eat is the book for you
  • The top 5 bummers
  • • The 65 sexiest foods
  • If you feed your body junk and convenience foods it’ll simply lay down fat, lower your energy, even your brain power
  • Britain’s Worst Eater
  • Diet and Nutrition
    • Why chronic dieting makes it harder to lose weight and sustain weight loss


Gillian McKeith is the author of the number one best selling book based on the series You Are What You Eat. More than 2 million copies are now in print and the book is currently in some 27 countries around the globe. Gillian is also author of the books: Gillian McKeith’s Shopping Guide, Gillian McKeith’s Ultimate Health Plan, You Are What You Eat Cookbook, Living Food For Health, and Gillian’s Miracle Superfood book.

Gillian mission is to ‘Empower people to improve their lives through information, food and lifestyle’.

Gillian is the presenter of the hit prime time television series You Are What You Eat broadcasting on Channel 4 and in 17 other countries internationally
Gillian McKeith also writes columns in health journals and popular consumer magazines.

Gillian graduated from the University of Edinburgh and received her Masters Degree from the Ivy-League University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. After a severe bout of personal ill health and recovery through nutritional medicine, she embarked upon a new path and changed her life. She then spent several years re-training for a Masters and doctorate (PhD) in Holistic Nutrition from the American Holistic College of Nutrition (USA). She holds Certificates from the London School of Acupuncture and the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine.

She is currently studying with The Australasian College Of Health Sciences, USA to become registered as a medical herbalist. She is a Postgraduate Member of The Centre For Nutrition Education England and is a member of several health organizations, including the National Association of Nutrition Professionals in the USA.

Raised in Scotland, Gillian now travels extensively giving lectures and seminars to packed audiences. Her life long mission is to share her information and make the world a healthier place.

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