VIHT10031 Young pHorever

Young pHorever Organic Super Kale Powder - 100g

  • Young pHorever Organic Super Kale Powder. Organic Kale powder rich in fiber and protein.

Product Description

Kale (Brassica oleracea convar. acephala var. sabellica) belongs to the family of cabbages, however it looks a bit different. It has no head, but long and thick stem with typical frilly leaves. It grows 80-170 cm high, the number of the leaves depend on its height, and evenly placed along the stem. It has significant nutritional needs, but its water requirement is the lowest among cabbages. Kale is especially rich in minerals and vitamins. Its vitamin A, C and K content is prominent. The Hungarian Great Plain provides the perfect soil for the kale, because it is rich in nutrients, and its water supply exactly fulfills the desires of kale.

The plants are grown at organic farms far away from crowded roads and the harmful gases emitted by vehicles. In the case of organic products, the growers use no synthetic fertilizers, but manuring is performed with organic tertiliers and biological pesticides are used. This product is RAW, which means the drying process is gentle and the useful components don't degrade by the heat of the drying. The raw formula enables the easier absorption of the nutrients, because the supplement contains them in a natural form. 1 kg fresh and nutrient rich kale leaves have been used to produce one bag of kale powder (100 g).

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Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016

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